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Connecting with your purpose to regenerate our world.

 Learn wellness tools in a community of like-minded people to start doing  what you  are passionate about 

Are you looking to make a positive impact in the world, but aren't quite sure where to start? 

Join our program to experience the ease in doing what you love.

How to Take Authentic Action teaches mindfulness and embodiment practices to increase self awareness and inner clarity so you can make aligned choices that serve your greater purpose. 


This program is for you if you're...

Finding your unique contribution 
In transition
(A new job, relationship etc.)
Looking to reconnect with yourself
Looking to meet others on a similar journey
Progam Details

Where and When?


We will meet virtually so you can meet other community members that are from all around the world and meet others from different backgrounds and cultures. 


You will be able to choose from 3 different home groups and 2 wellness classes depending on the time zone you live in. 

Program Structure

The program consists of 2 types of facilitated spaces

1. Home Groups

75-minute long home groups are led by a mindful facilitator, where you'll get to learn simple meditation and embodiment tools. This space also prepare you to be grounded for the wellness classes. It's a small intimate group of 6-8, and helps you to feel safe to build deeper connection with one another.

2. Wellness Classes

2-hour long classes taught by wellness experts, exploring new wellness tools to meet yourself more deeply. You will meet larger groups of peers in these classes to mingle with others from different facilitated groups to get inspiration from larger group.

Program Details 

We will meet once a week during the program

Week 1.

Home Group: Meditation on Authenticity 

Week 2.

Class: Opening to your Essential Self

Week 3.

Home Group:

Your Body's Wisdom

Week 4.
Class: Embodying Authenticity

Week 5.

Home Group:

What's Holding You Back?

Week 6. 

Class: Speaking Your Truth

Week 7.

Home Group: Closing Session

Wellness Teacher Class Topics 

Class 1. Opening to Your Essential Self 

Call it intuition, truth, authenticity, your essential self –  learn how to access this place to make choices that are in alignment with your truest expression in any moment.

Class 2. Embodying Authenticity

Discover what it feels like in your body to be authentically aligned, and learn tools you can use daily to access this place so that you can make choices from this place. 

Class 3. Speaking Your Truth

Explore techniques that help you tap into your voice so that you communicate better with yourself and others about the things you’re passionate and excited about. 

Facilitators and Wellness Teachers


​Vanessa VerLee is a Wellness Educator who, for the last two decades, has facilitated countless people in connecting to themselves in more peaceful, nurturing and energized ways. Vanessa’s "Soul Oriented" is an approach to wellness that is rooted in the knowing that we are each whole and worthy just as we are, and that our bodies are the portals to our deepest knowing.

Niambi Sims.jpeg

Niambi Sims is the founder of Integrated Wellness Concepts, a lifestyle company that offers holistic solutions for optimum health. A certified Fitness Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Lifestyle Coach, Niambi has taught classes and workshops throughout the United States, Europe, Africa and Brazil. Her classes include fitness, meditation, chronic illness management and more.

Dr. Peg Capers, DC.png

Dr. Peg Capers, DC has been a practicing chiropractor using Network Spinal to facilitate thousands of people in developing a safe, transformative, and expansive relationship with their bodies and lives for over 15 years. She has also presented on a myriad of health topics highlighting the necessity of embodiment, wellness as social change, and more.

B_Sarita Ford.jpg

Sarita Ford is a counselor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and meditation teacher. For the last 20 years, she has helped individuals and groups overcome emotional obstacles standing in the way of healing. Taking a solutions approach, Sarita guides her clients with a combination of talk therapy, creative visualization, emotional release, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques.

Vanessa VerLee

Wellness Educator

Niambi Sims

Artist, Healer, Yogi and Educator 

Dr. Peg Capers, DC

Chiropractor, Facilitator and Wellness Educator

Sarita Ford

Hypnotherapist and Counselor

What People are Saying About the Program

"Calliope gave me the motivation to implement changes in my life like nothing has before. A live thing, a community of people working through the same goal, is very helpful." -Drew, California

"Calliope has had a big impact because I've got a lot of big questions right now. So, it's helping me make choices in a more aligned way." -Anneka, UK

"It touched deeper than expected. Because some people are going through similar things and that made me to come back agin and again."

-Greta, Lithunia

“I really liked it because you introduced different ways to meditate. I started to explore what types of meditation are effective for me.” - Jun, Colorado

"For testimonial videos, visit our Youtube playlist"


Momo and Mara geek out on healing and self discovery. They met serendipitously during the pandemic, working with Calliope's sister company Hummingbirds Global. Momo lives in Tokyo, and Mara in Northern California. Though there's physical distance, the two had the same desire to gather others who believe that introspective journeying and embodiment practices are a powerful catalyst for social change. By practicing and learning together, we have the opportunity to make a profound impact in the world. Calliope is a community for dreamers. Come dream with us!

Mara Waldhorn

Momoko Ogihara

Your Next Steps...

Let your actions ripple out for a better world.

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Financial Commitment

Financial Commitment

* The program fee is $299 for 7-weeks, which can be paid in 3 monthly installments or all at once.

* No one will be turned away for lack of funds, and scholarships are available.

* Payment will be collected once you've had your intro call, filled out your application and have been accepted to the program. 

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