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Welcome to our 8-Week Program
How to Take Authentic Action 

Complete Payment

Early Bird Offer 

Get access to our program at a significant discount when you complete your payment by January 15, 2023. Payments made after will be charged at the full rate of $450.

Risk-Free Policy 

Becoming a member is risk-free. If you don't find value in your experience, reach out to us for a full refund, at any point throughout the program. No questions asked. 


After you complete payment, you'll be given access to join classes. 

Reach out to our community manager, Ro Hensley, with questions, or for help.

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Purchase access to the 8-week program with a one-time payment.


* Our Early Bird rate is $299 through 01/15/23, or $450 if paid after. 

One-Time Payment

Monthly Payment Plan

Start a 3-month payment plan and pay $150 per month, for three months. Start by completing your first payment.




"Calliope gave me the motivation to implement changes in my life like nothing has before. A live thing, a community of people working through the same goal, is very helpful." 


"[Calliope] has had a big impact because I've got a lot of big questions right now. So, it's helping me make choices in a more aligned way."


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