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Beautiful bags and accessories made from a tanned milk carton

This week’s guest we have Milkpackuko, a popular writer who makes bags and accessories by hand using milk cartons. We asked about the reason behind the decision to make accessories from milk cartons and what makes them unique.

“I always liked to handcraft items but when I had my child, I didn’t have time to go to craft shop stores. But I still wanted to create something, and came across this article about tanning milk cartons in my favorite magazine. I got really excited and tried the method with the milk carton I had at home. I enjoyed the process so much and now I think about milk cartons everyday”

The most important thing is to put wrinkles in the milk carton, and the way the wrinkles are formed completely changes the impression of the final product. Of course, there are others who can make nicer wrinkles than I do, but that is what I am most particular about. "

At first, Milkpakuko wasn't used to handling the cartons and was working hard to perfect the craft until she had calluses on her hands. Taking advantage of the strength of milk cartons, she made practical items that we carry, such as wallets, card cases, coin purses and bags, items that can be used for a long time.

A milk carton is durable material due to being water and oil repellent. Currently, they use other cartons such as soy milk and shochu cartons which contain aluminum, so you can see a nice silver wrinkled and luxurious clutch bag can be combined with dead stock kimono yarn.

"In addition to the production activities, a new brand was created in December. It is a brand created with people with disabilities called Fukushirushi. The work process is divided at 13 facilities in Fukuoka. For example, in the case of creating the business card holder, we have the respective fields for people who process the milk pack, the person who pulls out the pattern, and the person who sews and finishes it.

I’ve been asked to teach the process and hold workshops, but with the brand being established and people are able to have a salary from the sales, I believe this is the best way to teach people.”

There seems to be a lot of manufacturing with milk cartons, but these unique tanned wrinkles are beautiful, and the commitment to what is used by human hands in everyday life is also wonderful. If you are interested, please search on Instagram for #Fukushirushi and #Milk Pakuko.


Original Aired January 30th, 2022



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