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Electric vehicles and future city planning

We would like to introduce BMW's efforts for electric vehicles, an effort to introduce clean energy that is being promoted around the world, and are aiming for such decarbonization.

BMW has been making electric vehicles since the 1970s, and the i3 model is a pioneer of electric vehicles that is used by 180,000 people around the world. Eying on the next generation, they just announced BMW iX3, a new electric vehicle that is looking into the next generation. We spoke with Mr. Katsunosuke Endo, the General Manager of BMW Japan Brand Management Division, about this BMW iX.

"The energy used for production is electricity produced from wind power and hydraulic power, and the oil tanned on the synthetic leather of the dashboard is the oil extracted from the leaves of natural olives. We are particular about sustainability in the process as well. It is a symbol of our social mission to firmly carry out activities committed to the Paris Agreement to reduce CO2 in Japan. "

At BMW Japan, efforts are being made not only for cars, but also for the removal of paper catalogs and the use of environmentally friendly products in showrooms.

And it seems that they are also collaborating with the city of Shibuya aiming for a society in hopes that electric vehicles will become widespread. What does this initiative consist of?

“The plan is to lend the iX to an organization called Future Design in Shibuya so the people can get an idea of what the future of mobile lifestyle looks like, what it can do and experiment with it.

We also made posters featuring the iX made by Masanobu Ando, ​​Leslie Kee, and Kanako Sasaki and posted them in 10 different places in Shibuya and if you spot them and take a picture and post it on their social media, they can receive a gift.

"THE iX SHIBUYA WALL JACK'' is being held at the city festival "SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2021", which is currently held on the theme of one of the largest social designs in Japan. It seems that artworks inspired by the new BMW iX are being developed around Shibuya Station, so please check it out.


Originally Aired: November 7th, 2021



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