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Giving peace of mind for all pregnant women- An AI app "Flora" that supports fertility

This week, we are introducing Flora Co., Ltd., which has developed a physical condition management app for women. In the program, we talked about how Flora was created.

Flora Co., Ltd. was launched in 2020 by Anna Kleschenko, a law student who attended Kyoto University originally from Ukraine.

We started as a company that supports women in various life stages from adolescence to menopause, aiming for a society where all pregnant women can have peace of mind during pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare.

Currently, they are developing solutions for each life stage of women and online services for mental support for pregnant women and postpartum moms. Furthermore, in the future, they are planning to release a fertility and menstruation management app, and host an event about sex education

There are two main features on this app. One is that because it emphasizes mental health, the concept of meditation and mindful eating is posted, and exercise and breathing methods during menstruation are introduced.

Another feature is to free individuals from prejudice and empower them. Many similar apps tend to support physical health and collect its data, but Flora focuses on "mental support." There are many apps that support the pregnancy phase, but it ends at birth and does not provide continuous support. But because Flora collects data from women through a prolonged time, it can lead to various discoveries

The app will be released next week, so if you're curious, please download it from Flora's site.

In addition, at the online event "Femcamp '' held once a month on YouTube live. Talents like IMALU and sex education YouTuber Shioline held events talking about "Women's success and sex education and femtech". It is free to join so please check it out.


Originally Aired January 23rd, 2022



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