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Introducing mama55's "Mom Support Project"

This week, we like to introduce an organization that supports working moms called mama55 “Mom Support Project”. In the program, we talked to Shoko Kameyama, the representative of the project, about her current main activities and the society that her and her colleagues are aiming for.

Because Japan is still a male dominant society, when the moms get together, they end up talking more about their frustration about being a woman than happy topics. After witnessing this and she herself felt the need to be supported, Shoko started this organization in hopes to help the mothers and somehow eliminate the inconvenience and dissatisfaction of working.

Moms gather and hold workshops and get sponsors from companies that develop products for moms - this project is working to create a model that can be established as a business by making the best use of the special skills of moms.

Many people have given up due to time constraints even though they have skills and abilities, so now there are businesses that provide an environment where moms can work comfortably and provide childcare.

This approach allows moms to separate their lives and live a rewarding life. It seems that moms are creating a place where they can shine without sacrificing their families.

Please check the mama55 website for more information on the "Mom Support Project".


Originally Aired: October 31st, 2021



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