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Introducing "Mamagaku", a school for learning how to raise children

This week, we are introducing "mamagaku", a school for moms to learn and enjoy raising their children. In this episode, we asked Misato Arai, the president of "mamagaku", about what kind of facility it is and why it was established.

When moms give birth to their babies, society tends to think that they can automatically raise them. Even if you were taught how to bathe, change diapers, and breastfeed in pregnant parents' class, we tend to not know how to stop their children from crying who are not really hungry or have wet diapers.

“Mamagaku '' was established so moms can have a place where they can learn how to raise their children on their individuality rather than the one size fit all approach of raising children.

Once a week, they offer classes where children starting at age 0 and moms can learn together as well as “one-off classes” held at the Children’s Liberal Arts Institute. During the one-off classes they can learn activities like yoga and a lot of mothers who have the same hobbies gather, creating an environment where conversations are easily born.

And one of the unique commitments made by mamagaku is that they are held in places like the Grand Tree Musashikosugi, a place mothers can easily frequent and other commercial facilities.

“Moms themselves are worried about raising their babies in the midst of Covid. The day care staff can discover the baby’s individuality and talents objectively so they can teach the moms to understand their babies who cannot speak words with emotions.

A place to learn about raising children created with the feelings of moms in mind. I think there are many new moms who are worried about raising their children, but they seem to come up with a process where the mothers can learn together and not feel lonely.

For more information on "mamagaku", please check their official website.


Originally Aired January 9th, 2022



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