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Introducing recycled paper seed paper that blooms flowers

In Japan it is a custom to send greetings to loved ones by sending letters or postcards. This week we featured "Seed Paper," a recycled paper that blooms in flowers, which sounds perfect during this season. On the show, we talked to Mr. Noguchi, the representative of SOUP which created the paper.

The “Seed Paper” comes in various sizes such as business cards, shop cards and greeting cards.The recycled paper was created in the 80s by students in Colorado who wanted to get rid of paper trash that overflowed the city. The seed paper was born by inserting flower seeds.

If you soak the "seed paper" in water overnight and bury it in the soil, it grows in a few days. There are many kinds of flower seeds, so you can enjoy it without knowing what will bloom!

Normally they contain wildflower seeds such as forget-me-not, poppy, and pertussis but there are also "herb mix" containing herb seeds and "honey bee mix" containing flower seeds that bees like.

The production of papermaking will start in 2022 in Japan, and it will be sold under the name of "Hanasaki Washi". You can enjoy the growth of flowers as the paper returns to the soil.

You can also enjoy the process of connections and conversations from the recipients through the process of planting to bloom.

For more information on "Seed Paper", please check the official website of SOUP.


Originally Aired December 26th



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