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Learning the values ​​things of things in life while traveling

In this episode, we would like to introduce the accommodation hotel WHY located in the Zero-Waste Center in Kamikatsu-cho. We talked to Momona Otsuka, the Chief Environmental Officer of the hotel, about what kind of experience we could have when we visit the hotel.

"This hotel is based on the concept of zero waste action. At check-in, the staff will guide you through the efforts and history of zero waste in Kamikatsu-cho in the form of a simple tour. In the guest rooms, we do not carry disposable amenities and we provide only the required amount needed for drinks, coffees, and teas.

During the check-out, we would like to have them experience the 6 different separations in the waste baskets provided in the room. For those who wish, they can accompany us when we go to the garbage station used by the townspeople to experience 45 types of sorting, and this is also one of the highlights of this summer for families and people with children. I enjoyed it. "

A facility where you can experience the life of Kamikatsu-cho in a simulated manner, and it seems that you will be able to experience an unprecedented accommodation experience in your daily life. Breakfast is a picnic style breakfast that incorporates the blessings of the earth under the supervision of a local brewery.

They mentioned earlier that the coffee and tea you drink in your room are handed over at check-in, but it seems that there are other experiences like this at check-in.

“You can also experience slicing hand-washing soap ike cheese at check-in. We had a customer say that by doing this, he felt the actions of zero waste. It's hard to think about where the things you use come from and where they go, and I hope you'll notice that through your experience during your trip.

The building itself is thoroughly recycled, and it is said that the cedar lumber was cut down in Kamikatsu-cho, and unused joinery and furniture are being used. If you are interested, please check the homepage.


Originally Aired November 21st, 2021



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