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Roses, a scent that conveys gratitude

This week, we are focusing on Bulgarian Rose. Chocolatier Koji Tsuchiya, who won the bronze medal at the Academy of Chocolates in the United Kingdom in November last year, created the chocolate of Theobroma, low trousers bon. We interviewed Mr. Fumie Yamashita, President of the Bulgarian Rose Cultural Association, about the Bulgarian Rose, which is the rich aroma that plays a role in chocolate.

"Bulgarian rose is another name for damask rose. It blooms in several countries around the world, but among them, Kazanrak region has the highest oil extraction rate of damask rose that blooms in the area called the Rose Valley of Bulgari. It is also known as the Bulgarian rose because it produces the world's finest scented roses.

There are about 50,000 types of roses in the world, but only a few of them can be collected for fragrance. When it comes to the strength of the scent and the amount we can use, Damask roses are one of the best roses in the world to get rose water and oil. "

Rose water is made by steaming the petals of roses and collecting the steam that has risen as steam and a few drops of rose oil appear in the supernatant. It is said that it is really valuable since only about 1 mm can be extracted from 2500 to 3500 roses.

The history of this process is so old that evidence remains in the era of Roman emperor Nero. It has been used as aromatherapy, and in China it has been used in Chinese medicine as a panacea. The royal aristocrats have used it since ancient times.

Damask roses bloom only three weeks out of the year in Bulgarian "Rose Valley". At the time of harvest, people gather under the roses and a festival is held to express their gratitude. The Bulgarian Rose Cultural Association is working to spread the Bulgarian Rose as a symbol of gratitude.

"There was an activity in Yokohama City to plant a rose called" Hamamirai "in all elementary schools in Yokohama, but we felt it is a waste to just plant roses for a science activity, so I focused on expanding the new culture of gratitude that is unique to Japan. By doing so, I hope that while supporting the Bulgarian industry, we hope that they will make use of the wonderful culture in Japan and the goodness of Bulgarian roses. "

The scent of roses is associated with perfumes, but we should grow roses, learn about roses, and express our gratitude to the rose-producing regions of distant countries. The precious sweet scent loved by the royal aristocrats in the olden days has been floating through for a long time, connecting flowers to people and people to people. It's a wonderful culture. If you are interested, please check it out.


Originally Aired February 13th, 2022



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