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Symbol of protection? Introducing the efforts of the Paralympic Games

There are many signs created, such as the "maternity" sign for pregnant women, the "help" sign with a plus and heart on a red background, and the "international symbol" sign for people with disabilities with a wheelchair drawn on them.

Today we are introducing the efforts of the Paralympic Association, which strives to popularize the "This child has a disability" sign. In the program, we talked to Mr. Akisato, the chairman of the Paralympic Games Association.

The "This child has a disability" sign is orange and straight-forwarding written in the middle "This child has a disability" so it would be easier for people to identify children who have a disability that is not necessarily obvious from the outside.

Since the “help” sign is versatile, it is also used for disabilities that are difficult to understand from the outside, such as mental disabilities.

Parents of children with disabilities often face painful feelings and difficult situations. By putting up the sign, it leads to understanding from others, and it also can act as a protection for parents themselves.

"This child has a disability" sign raised 4.3 million yen by crowdfunding in May of last year, and has already distributed 3000 pieces as of the end of December.

The Paralympic Association says that all the money collected by crowdfunding has been used, and now are accepting donations and with the public’s help, they are able to continue to produce and distribute.

In addition to the production and distribution of the sign, the Paralympic Association has an online community called "Paralympic Square" where children with disabilities gather, and an exercise program called "Paralympic" for Paralympic children is also open to join.

For more information, please check the website of the Paralympic Games Association.

Originally Aired February 20th, 2022

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