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The Environmentally friendly "Queen's Square Yokohama" Christmas tree

As the Christmas spirit is getting more exciting in December, today we like to introduce the Christmas tree built specifically for "Queen's Square Yokohama" where you can learn about SDGs. We interviewed Mr. Toda, the General Manager of Yokohama Building Sales Department, Sumisho Building Management Co., Ltd.

A beautiful Christmas tree with a height of 12 meters and about 26,000 LED lights installed on the Pacifico Yokohama side of "Queen's Square Yokohama" Minatomirai Mall.

Under the theme of "Future of the Earth" and named as "a gentle and loving sustainable Christmas", the lower row is decorated with flowers that were going to be thrown away.

This tree is on display until December 25th. From 16:00 to 21:00, there will be a 7-minute showtime with music and illuminations every hour at 00:00.

It seems that animals can be seen in 3D photograms, and you can enjoy dancing to music as well.

Also, on the landmark side of "Queen's Square Yokohama", there will be a photo spot created under the theme of "SDGs and smiles" and illuminations.

This will be a valuable opportunity to learn about the SDGs while enjoying Christmas decorations, illuminations and photography. If you decide to take a walk to Queen’s Square Yokohama, please check it out.


Originally Aired December 12th, 2021



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