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The theme of this year's Christmas tree is "sustainable"!

In this episode, we like to introduce the sustainable Christmas tree of Omotesando Hills called"Fanfare for the future". We spoke with Mr. Suga from the Omotesando Hills team.

For the decoration, they used 100 defective wind instruments that were left by its owners for various reasons such as breakage, no sound coming out as ornaments.

This Christmas tree is 20m high, designed with the idea that "everyone can feel the joy of music, the bond between people, and the joy and festive feeling of Christmas." A special production is performed every 20 minutes, and the shiny and polished wind instruments shine beautifully.

Even after the tree exhibition is over, those that can be used as musical instruments can be returned and those that do not produce sound can be made into different objects, and parts that can be disassembled and used for repair can be reused, and the baton can be handed over to the next person.

A sustainable Christmas tree that plays a role in connecting to the next new stage, rather than discarding obsolete musical instruments.

It will be on display at Omotesando Hills until December 25th, so be sure to check it out.


Originally Aired November 28th, 2021



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