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The town work together to work on zero waste

This week, we would like to introduce a town’s efforts related to "Zero Waste". The program features the Zero Waste Center in Kamikatsu Town in Tokushima Prefecture, which aims to create a garbage-free society, and spoke with the CEO Mr. Otsuka.

The meaning of "Zero waste" is a declaration that the amount of garbage generated from the town will be zero in order to pass on clean air, delicious water, and abundant land to the children of the future.

Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture declared "Zero Waste" for the first time in Japan and their base is the "Zero Waste Center" in Kamikatsu Town.

In cooperation with the people of the town, garbage is sorted in 45 different categories and converted into resources. Businesses in the town are doing business by weight, and campaigns to refuse shopping bags at stores. With these efforts, recycling rates have reached 80% (4 times the national total!)

In addition to a garbage station in the town there’s also a thrift shop where second-hand goods from the town are gathered, a community hall that can be used as a place of relaxation and an event space, a rental office space, an experience accommodation hotel "WHY" with the concept of zero waste action Zero-Waste's efforts are gradually becoming the town's brand.

It's a wonderful initiative for the town to come together to think about and act on environmental considerations.

For more information on the Zero Waste Center, be sure to check out their website.


Originally Aired: November 14th, 2021



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