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Brandi Kanawyer

Meet Brandi, an amazing woman who lives in Iowa with her wife and two Border Collies. She’s the owner of Little Owl Art Atrium where she provides a creative space teaching children how to artistically express themselves using recycled materials.

What Brings Joy to Your Life

We have a whole forest in our backyard and I find myself taking walks with my dogs. I also like to do slow-paced activities like gardening and yoga.

Staying True To Herself

I believe the key to survival is to listen to your desire, your passion. You need to have a good mental perspective on what you truly want in your life and to make sure to surround yourself with people you trust.

How to Keep Yourself Positive

As a person who is passionate about treating all life forms with respect and compassion, it's extremely difficult to witness animals and nature losing their space and all the social injustice happening all around the world. When I feel overburdened by all these emotions, I put my thoughts onto paper and find a way to communicate with people who will listen and have the best of hearts.

Brandi Kanawyer

Brandi reminds you of that art teacher you had as a child who gently brings you back being kind to others. She also reminds you that a huge part of creating art is the process itself, rather than the end result.he has created a space for children to not only artistically express themselves, but teach them how to understand themselves, and navigate the ups and downs of life.

Recycling,. reusing and refurbishing is something Brandi puts an effort in. You can find her in thrift stores looking for furniture she can turn into materials for her students to use. You can also find these amazing art pieces she created from all kinds of things some people might consider trash.

Brandi reminds us not to be hasty in throwing things away and to take a moment to ask yourself how you can reuse items, and about the significance of providing an environment where children can grow and thrive.. Hummingbird believes in acting on the things you love, which we believe Brandi encompasses with the way she teaches art to kids!

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