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Bryony Corr

Bryony is a woman kicking butt in London, working in a foreign office dealing with a plethora of things like human rights and policy trades. She started her career working at a human rights organization but decided to switch gears to challenge herself.

What does happiness mean to you?

Spending time with the people I care about makes me happy. My family is an important part of me and one way to show appreciation is that I try to immerse myself in their world and do activities together, like fishing, so I can feel closer to them.

Walking for the soul

I think it’s important to to spend quality time with myself. I love connecting with nature and often take walks on the weekend. I sometimes end up walking for hours! I also do meditation yoga as well as journing - pen to paper, I have a talk with myself.

Bryony Corr

Empathy was a key theme in Bryony’s interview. Throughout her life, she spends her energy helping others through her job and private life. And, as Bryony teaches us, empathy is not always focused towards others, you can also be empathetic to yourself. We live in a divided world, and humans like Bryony who practices empathy are much needed.

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