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Charlene Castagna

Charlene is currently living in Paris and going to school for her Masters for International Sustainability Management. When asked why she chose this field, she told me the people around her talked about sustainability often, and that got her interested and after much research, she got inspired to help not just our planet, but also the people inhabiting it.

What are some ways you try to help out your communities?

My friend and I did this no shopping challenge where we made a vow not to buy any new clothing for a year and recorded our journeys on instagram. We did this after learning about fashion waste and wanted to promote sustainability. My aunt saw one of my posts and got inspired that she herself decided to do the challenge.

Be True to Yourself

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I try to remember to be true to myself. I ask myself, where and why you are feeling this way, which helps me figure out what can be done differently so I can have the best outcome.

Charlene Castagna

Charlene likes the simple things in life. Growing up in the city, she didn’t have the opportunity to immerse herself in nature, but moving to the country-side, she was able to surround herself with nature more. Ever since then, she enjoys going out for walks to look at the ocean or go camping to be with the trees.

How does a nature loving bright-eyed student cope with frustration? Charlene told me a story where she felt like she wasn’t heard during a group project. This left her feeling inadequate, but instead of letting this deter her confidence, she decided to change up her communication style because she believed in her ability to contribute to the project. It’s important to slow down and not let emotions get the best of you because there is always a solution to that problem you are facing.

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