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The Story Behind our Logo

The idea behind our logo is defined by the individual philosophies of three sisters coming together as one, conveyed as three different lines forming the hummingbird.

This logo theme can be defined as a “trinity,” representing how we form a greater whole as three sisters with our hearts united.

The light blue line conveys activity and expansion, the pistachio green line represents stability and support, and the salmon pink line represents balance and unity.

Each color on its own is soft and flexible, but the three lines together form the hummingbird’s moss green beak—and the color used in our company name.

Just as the hummingbird's beak delivers replenishment as it flaps its wings at great speed, we are also devoted to constant activity and motion in our efforts to empower others.

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The Story Behind Our Company Name

The name Hummingbirds was inspired by a story told by 2004 Nobel Peace Prize LaureateWangari Maathai. See the video below to hear this inspiring tale. We recognize that as a company, we're using our privilege to amplify Maathai's message, rather than repurposing it as our own. 

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