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A Film by Farhoud Meybodii

Joy is a force of nature

A love letter to Kenya

Earthbound is a documentary film that follows Nzambi Matee, a Kenyan entrepreneur who founded Gjenge Maker - a company that transforms plastic waste into paving bricks. Earthbound is a gateway to inspire others to support Nzambi's efforts and shed light to Kenya's issues.

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The project would take a deep dive into the majesty of the environment through an optimistic, human lens and in the process, highlight all the joy, risk-taking, trailblazing, growth, inspiration, success and fear that comes along with running a startup with minimal access to capital. 

Meet Nzambi Matee

Meet Nzambi Matee, a 29-year-old Kenyan engineer who’s taking the construction world by storm. A former engineer in the oil and gas industry, Nzambi walked away from a lucrative career after a trip to the port of Mombasa, where she discovered a sea of plastic bags and bottles in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This experience inspired Nzambi to create a solution to the country’s plastics problem by converting waste into sustainable materials. She launched the new venture in her mother’s backyard, where she began combining recycled plastic and sand to create paving bricks. Nzambi’s company, Gjenge Makers, produces a lightweight, low-cost, and durable building material that's stronger than concrete. The company currently produces about 500-1000 bricks daily, and recycles close to 500 kilograms of plastic waste everyday. Named a United Nations ‘Young Champion of the Earth’ in 2020, Nzambi is among a new generation of young environmentalists tackling global challenges.

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Featured Trailer

Make A Change

We want to begin sharing Earthbound with our community. We created a fundraising campaign as a way of helping raise money for Nzambi's company. She’s sacrificed so much, putting her heart and soul and all the things into Gjenge Makers. We think it's time for Nzambi to feel that dedication mirrored back to her, especially as she embarks on a new adventure -- kicking off research and development for her newest project, creating building blocks made from plastic waste. 




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Silver Winner, Branded Content: Unscripted Film copy.tif

X Feature Film Winner, 2023

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Golden Pencil award

- Shortlisted 

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Wildlife Festival Logo White.png

Winner Best Documentary Feature

 Best of Festival Winner

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Branded Content - Directing

Branded Content - Documentary: Long Form

Non-Broadcast - Directing

Non-Broadcast - Social Impact

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