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Your compassionate actions heal the world

We create projects to inspire you to make a difference


What is Hummingbirds Globals?


We run several projects at Hummingbirds Global with the goal of inspiring others to take small actions that can make a positive difference in our world.

Like the story of the hummingbird, who was authentic, compassionate and courageous,

we believe that your authentic,  compassionate and courageous actions are what the world needs more of right now.


What We Do

Our Projects



A community that brings together like-minded individuals seeking personal growth & authentic living



A documentary following global changemakers who are healing the earth. 



A web magazine based in Japan discussing mental health, sexual wellness and sustainability


Inspiring you, through story & community, to take authentic, compassionate and courageous actions that align with your values 


Encouraging millions of authentic, compassionate and courageous actions...

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"Wherever we are, whoever we are, there is something in our lives we can do. No matter how small it is, collectively it will make a difference. So, be a hummingbird in your community, wherever you are."

Wangari MaathaiKenyan Nobel Laureate & Political Activist

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