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How to Take Authentic Action

Calliope (kuh-lai-uh-pee) is a wellness community

for those wanting to do good in the world.


We come together to learn mindfulness and embodiment practices  that increases self awareness and inner clarity so that we man make aligned choices that serve our greater purpose.  

In the community, you'll meet others who are also looking to find a path that is more aligned to who they are. You will be inspired and supported by those on a similar journey. 

Where to begin, when it comes to healing ourselves and the world?

Start from within. 

Read below to learn about

our new 8-week program: How to Take Authentic Action 

Program Structure

The program offer two types of sessions

1. Facilitated Spaces 

75-min long groups led by a mindful facilitators with 8 -10  participants where you feel safe and connected to share what's happening along your journey.

2. Wellness Classes

2-hour long classes taught by wellness experts exploring new tools to meet yourself more deeply. You will meet larger groups of peers from the other facilitated spaces.  

Wellness Expert Classes

The classes you'll take during the program provide tools that help you: get to know yourself better, find inner clarity, listen to your body's wisdom and to take actions that are authentically aligned with who you are. 

essential self.jpg

Opening to Your Essential Self 

embodying authenticity.jpg

Embodying Authenticity

Call it intuition, truth, authenticity, your essential self –  learn how to access this place to make choices that are in alignment with your truest expression in any moment.

Discover what it feels like in your body to be authentically aligned, and learn tools you can use daily to access this place so that you can make choices from this place. 

Speaking your truth.jpg

Speaking Your Truth

Explore techniques that help you tap into your voice so that you communicate better with yourself and others about the things you’re passionate and excited about. 

Facilitators & Teachers


Yali Bair Ruiz.jpeg

Yali Bair Ruiz is a transformational consultant, speaker and chief executive. With decades of experience working with nonprofit leaders and boards of directors, Yali has facilitated success for organizations of all sizes. Her ability to help clients navigate through changing and challenging environments have distinguished her as a leading expert in the field.

Yali Bair Ruiz

 Consultant, Speaker, Chief Executive 


​Vanessa VerLee is a Wellness Educator who, for the last two decades, has facilitated countless people in connecting to themselves in more peaceful, nurturing and energized ways. Vanessa’s "Soul Oriented" is an approach to wellness that is rooted in the knowing that we are each whole and worthy just as we are, and that our bodies are the portals to our deepest knowing.

Vanessa VerLee

Wellness Educator


B_Sarita Ford.jpg

Sarita Ford is a counselor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and meditation teacher. For the last 20 years, she has helped individuals and groups overcome emotional obstacles standing in the way of healing. Taking a solutions approach, Sarita guides her clients with a combination of talk therapy, creative visualization, emotional release, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques.

Dr. Peg Capers, DC.png

Dr. Peg Capers, DC has been a practicing chiropractor using Network Spinal to facilitate thousands of people in developing a safe, transformative, and expansive relationship with their bodies and lives for over 15 years. She has also presented on a myriad of health topics highlighting the necessity of embodiment, wellness as social change, and much more.

Sarita Ford

Dr. Peg Capers, DC

Chiropractor, Facilitator and Wellness Educator

Hypnotherapist and Counselor, Byron Bay, Australia

Niambi Sims.jpeg

Niambi Sims is the founder of Integrated Wellness Concepts, a lifestyle company that offers holistic solutions for optimum health. A certified Fitness Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Lifestyle Coach, Niambi has taught classes and workshops throughout the United States, Europe, Africa and Brazil. Her classes include fitness, meditation, chronic illness management and more.

Niambi Sims

Artist, Healer, Yogi and Educator

Image by Drew Beamer

In this 8-week program you will...

More authentically navigate the world...
Identify stuck places
in your life
 Identify what authenticity
feels like in your body
Learn mindfulness /
meditation tools 

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