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Our Story


Creating a More Harmonious World

Hummingbirds Global was founded by three sisters, as an act of compassion. Momoko, the youngest, had just attended a sustainable fashion event, and after hearing that we have so little time left to protect the earth, summoned her sisters to start a company that would help be part of the solution. 


After this initial idea, Hummingbirds became a storytelling and community platform to help harmonize the chaotic world in which we live, and to carry on our family’s legacy. 


Our great-grandfather founded a health company in 1923 in Japan. The name of the company comes from an old Chinese story where a doctor asked his patients to plant a plum tree instead of paying him in money. Then these trees soon became groves. 


As an extension of our great-grandfather’s compassion, we want to make the world a better place for the ones we love and care for.


Instead of planting plum trees, we ask those in our community to take a little action towards the things that matter most to them. We inspire these actions with rich content, telling stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and by creating safe spaces for people to gather and resource themselves so they can be their best. Like the plum trees that became groves, we believe that these actions add up, and ripple out to make the world a better place.

Image by Mark Olsen


The Hummingbird Story



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