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We believe that living purposefully creates a healthier world. 

A self care community of purpose-driven people

Our mission is to offer wellness programs and courses that encourage purpose-driven individuals to take their next steps (big or small) towards contributing to the causes that matter most to them, with the belief that their actions will ripple out to create a healthier world.


Sessions & Programs

We offer one-off sessions for you to explore different wellness techniques so that you can test which tools are fitting for you and offer quarterly 7-week programs for purpose-driven people..


Corporate Programs

So many of us desire to change the way we work. We believe that bringing mindfulness and wellness principals to the workplace has a huge impact on employee and organizational wellbeing. We offer tailored online wellness programs to meet the unique needs of each company.


Who We Are

Calliope is a wellness community that brings together individuals who seeks personal growth and authentic living for a better world.

By learning mindfulness and embodiment practices from holistic wellness facilitators, Calliope aims to enhance self-awareness and inner clarity, empowering participants to make aligned choices that serve their greater purpose.


We offer programs of a supportive environment where members can connect, learn, and inspire each other on their journey towards an authentic, purpose-driven life.

Join the Calliope community and discover a path that truly resonates with who you are.


“I'm really happy that I took some action for the project that I dreamed about a few years ago."

It was always left somewhere behind, this course let me dream more of what I want and what makes me happy.”







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