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Image by Tobias Tullius

A Documentary Series Following Global Change Makers



This docuseries is a love letter to mother nature

The documentary series explores the captivating lives of six seemingly ordinary people connected by an extraordinary relationship with the natural world. Each episode focuses on a different change maker (Scientist, Farmer, Student, Entrepreneur, Technologist) whose work has transformed humanity's relationship with the environment in a pivotal way. Each of them is taking compassionate action to help ease the world's suffering. 



Episode 1

Nizambe Matee, Gjenge Makers

Meet Nzambi Matee, a 29-year-old Kenyan engineer who’s taking the construction world by storm. A former engineer in the oil and gas industry, Nzambi walked away from a lucrative career after a trip to the port of Mombasa, where she discovered a sea of plastic bags and bottles in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This experience inspired Nzambi to create a solution to the country’s plastics problem by converting waste into sustainable materials. She launched the new venture in her mother’s backyard, where she began combining recycled plastic and sand to create paving bricks. Nzambi’s company, Gjenge Makers, produces a lightweight, low-cost, and durable building material that's stronger than concrete. The company currently produces about 500-1000 bricks daily, and recycles close to 500 kilograms of plastic waste everyday. Named a United Nations ‘Young Champion of the Earth’ in 2020, Nzambi is among a new generation of young environmentalists tackling global challenges.

Episode 2~6 Coming Soon

The Director


Farhoud Meybodi

Farhoud is an award-winning writer, director, and executive producer, who believes in the power of storytelling to heal the political-social divide of the present day. Over the course of his career, he has collaborated on a variety of television and streaming projects that have been seen over 2 billions times; raised millions of dollars for terminal and chronic illness research; demystified social taboos; and helped over turn unjust laws. Most recently, Farhoud directed and executive produced several episodes of My Last Days, the groundbreaking documentary series about courage people navigating life with terminal illness yet thriving throughout the experience. The show is currently in season 5 of The CW Network.



This docuseries involves educating viewers about our changemakers while also spending awareness about the sustainable development efforts they're spearheading. Once the documentaries have generated empathy, illuminated new perspectives, and activated powerful emotions, there's great potential for mass culture change.


Our curriculum will delve into key areas of sustainable development. The goal of the curriculum is to inspire audiences to reevaluate their relationship with consumption and natural world

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