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Join our 8-week member-only
practice group

We are here to help you build your practice

A meditation / embodiment practice can mean many different things. This group helps you identify what it means to you.

What do we do?

We'll meet for 1-hour every week for 8 weeks, practicing the tools from the Calliope program, and go deeper with ourselves and one another to reinforce what we've learned.  

Practice groups are led by a facilitator and are designed to help you

Identify a meditation and embodiment practice that works for you

Stay accountable to your practice so that you can have a positive impact in the world

Connect with others over common experiences  to keep growing

We'll share...

Common parts of the human experience such as:

  • How to take a next step in your life

  • Relationships

  • Finding meaningful work

  • Reflecting on your daily life 

  • Greif 

  • Feeling stuck

* The format will be similar to the small facilitated groups from the Calliope program. 

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When and where?

Time/ Date

5PM PST on Wednesdays, which is Thursday mid-morning for Japan and Australia.  



We will meet virtually. 



Mara Waldhorn

Mara is co-founder of Calliope and both runs day to day operations as well as creates the core curriculum.


She is a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher through the Awareness Training Institute, Sounds True, and the Greater Good Science Center. Her desire as a facilitator is to co-create safe and brave spaces.

She is thrilled to lead the Calliope practice groups as a way to build deeper authentic connection for positive change. 

Your Commitment

Join us if you're looking to go deeper with the other participants from Calliope's How to Take Authentic Action program. We encourage you to show up to as many of the live sessions as possible to create a connected community.   


Practice groups meet weekly, and last for three months. We will hold practice groups throughout the year, and you may join one, or all, with a new cohort each time, 

Purchase group access with a one-time payment.


* Get our Early Bird rate through 01/11/23, or $150 if paid after. 

One-Time Payment

Monthly Payment Plan

Start a 2-month payment plan and pay $60 per month, for three months. Start by completing your first payment.


Sgn Up


If you need some support to participate the program,

please reach out to to ask about a scholarship. 


Reach out to our community manager at :)

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