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A community to practice authenticity and to take purposeful action 


How can you help the world? Where do you even start? 
There’s no “right way,” but you can find your way.

Calliope (cal-eye-oh-pee) is a community promoting authentic action.

We believe that when you discover your unique way of positively contributing to the world,

and act accordingly, your actions ripple out, creating big change.

We empowers individuals and teams via mindfulness and embodiment practices to connect with their authenticity and to take purposeful action from this place.

Calliope Offers...

A Community for Individuals

Live Online Programs
Online Workshops
In-Person Retreats

Practice the principals of authenticity, mindfulness, and embodiment in facilitaed groups

Lead by wellness practitioners,  taking deeper dives into taking authentic action. 

Connect with and be accountable to others who

share a common vision.

Create a deeper network of those you’ve met in the online space, focusing on themes of authenticity.

Corporate Workshops 

One-off or 4-month workshop series for teams to cultivate authentic action in the workplace.


Themes include:

  • Mindfulness / Embodiment Tools to discover organizational 

  • Finding your Authentic Self in the Workplace

  • Taking Authentic Action as a team

One-Off Workshops

Choose from above themes

4-Month Workshop Series

Covering above themes

Image by Mark Olsen

Curious about the name Calliope?
Calliope is a type of hummingbird, staying 
true to our Hummingbirds Global brand.