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           Facilitating            Compassionate Living 



Can compassion heal the world?
We believe so. 

Honeysuckle is a community promoting compassionate living.

We believe that when you discover your unique way of positively contributing to the world,

and act accordingly, your actions ripple out, creating big change.

Honeysuckle Offers...

A Community for Individuals

Live Online Groups
Online Workshops
In-Person Retreats

 Learn the principals of authentic compassion and help hold you accountable to living this way. 

Lead by wellness practitioners,  taking deeper dives into living an authentically compassionate life. 

Connect with and be accountable to others who

share a common vision.

Create a deeper network of those you’ve met in the online space, focusing on themes of compassion.

Corporate Workshops 

One-off or 4-month workshop series for teams to cultivate more compassion in the workplace.


Themes include:

  • Mindfulness / Embodiment Tools to Ease Stress

  • Finding your Authentic Self in the Workplace

  • Compassion in the Workplace

One-Off Workshops

Choose from above themes

4-Month Workshop Series

Covering above themes

Image by Mark Olsen

Outcomes from Honeysuckle's
Individual and Corporate Content

  • Mindfulness + embodiment tools to help you access inner intuition  

  • Authentically navigate difficult situations

  • Apply compassion in your life and workspace

  • Support and being held in safe space

  • Accountability